A varied group of students smiling and wearing Diversity Week shirts in the Reading Room.

At UConn School of Law we strive to celebrate each member of our community. Our individual narrative guides us in how we look at and learn the law, it allows us to see or not see how we might better serve our clients, or carry out justice. Though individuals identify along gender, race, ethnic, socio-political and religious lines, to name a few, we are all members of the Law School community. There are student organizations, affinity bar associations, classes, clinics and community opportunities that will meet the needs of many. If there is something missing, you can form a new student organization or collaborate with other students, faculty, staff or alumni to host a discussion on a topic important to you. We encourage you to talk about your story, to embrace your identity and not simply become a stereotypical law school caricature. Talk with your colleagues about how your perspective shapes you; how your privileges and disadvantages impact your view of a particular case; and how your personal journey will no doubt impact they type of lawyer you become. Each contribution you make builds the culture of the Law School.

The Student Affairs Office creates a safe space for students to discuss issues of identity, diversity and inclusion. In addition, the Office partners with student organizations as well as local and affinity bar associations to ensure that we capture the diverse needs of our community.