A diverse group of students poses for a candid shot of them in the library studying.
Student Affairs
Upcoming Events

The Student Affairs Office is the primary source for information and support for students at the Law School. The Office provides advocacy for students, supports student organizations, assists students with personal matters, hosts community and wellness events, facilitates residency changes and provides disability accommodations. If you have previously received disability services and/or accommodations or think you will need them now, please contact the Director of Student Affairs to make arrangements for your time at the Law School.

We pride ourselves on having an open door policy and can be a sounding board for any student issue, big or small. At the same time, we believe campus development is a constantly evolving process and aim to act as a liaison between the students, faculty and staff to maximize the UConn Law student experience.

Point of Contact

Student Affairs should be the first stop for all students, the offices to visit when you need answers, help, suggestions, and support. Do you have a question about your classes or need an academic advisor? Want to propose a topic for a panel discussion or want to start a new student organization? Has life gotten in the way of school, or vice versa? Our open-door policy means that you can come in and ask one of us for assistance.

Student Events Planning

The Student Affairs Office runs numerous events and activities throughout the year. Our events focus on our students and are geared toward making your law school experience the best possible. Our programming includes; Exam Wellness Week, professional development workshops, mental health programs, community service events and faculty/student engagement activities. If you have suggestions for additional programs, please let us know.