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Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal

The Connecticut Public Interest Journal (CPILJ) is a student-run, scholarly journal that publishes works by professors, judges, practitioners, and students. CPILJ's publications are subjected to a rigorous editorial process designed to sharpen and strengthen substance, tone, and accuracy.

CPILJ's primary purpose is to further the discussion of the legal aspects of public interest interest issues, and especially those confronting under-represented individuals. CPILJ is a forum for such intellectual discussion and is a force for change and progress.

CPILJ was recently named one of the top five civil rights law journals in the United States by ExpressO, a leading law review submission organization operated by the Berkeley Electronic Press.

Website: http://cpilj.wordpress.com

Officers: 2017-2018

Editor: Kelsey Bannon
Managing Editor: Stephanie O'Loughlin 
Assistant Editing Manager: Gideon Asemnor
Membership: Je'Quana Orr

Officers 2016-2017

Editor in Chief: Drew Cunningham
Administrative Editor: Kristie Beahm
Managing Editor: Dorothy Diaz-Hennessey
Assistant Managing Editor: Miriam Hasbun
Membership Manager: Stacey Samuel
Technology Editor: Evelyn O'Regan

Advisor: Jill Anderson

Contact Information

Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal
65 Elizabeth Street 
Hartford, CT 06105-2290