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Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal

The Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal is a student-run, scholarly journal that publishes works by professors, judges, practitioners, and students. CPILJ's publications are subjected to a rigorous editorial process designed to sharpen and strengthen substance, tone, and accuracy.

CPILJ's primary purpose is to further the discussion of the legal aspects of public interest interest issues, and especially those confronting under-represented individuals. CPILJ is a forum for such intellectual discussion and is a force for change and progress.

CPILJ was recently named one of the top five civil rights law journals in the United States by ExpressO, a leading law review submission organization operated by the Berkeley Electronic Press.

Website: http://cpilj.law.uconn.edu

Editorial Board 2021-2022

Editor-in-Chief: Morgen Barroso

Managing Editor: Lindsey Heiman

Assistant Managing Editor: Julia Audibert

Administrative Editor: Alison McHorney

Senior Articles Editor: Isabella De Lisi

Articles Editors: Alexandra Bostick, Sharmy Dhaliwal, Emily Klawitter

Symposium Editors: Luke Reynolds, William Weishaupt

Membership Editor: Nathan Genest

Lead Executive Editor: Jack Ludtke

Executive Editors: Amy Browen, James Hamilton, Margaret O'Neil, Tess Shaw, Cole von Richthofen

Editorial Board 2020-2021

Editor in Chief: Amanda Farrish
Managing Editor: Justin Hyland
Assistant Managing Editor: Amy Saji
Administrative Editor: Shelby Dattilo
Senior Articles Editor: Robert Brownell
Articles Editors: Jake Dunnigan, Rachel Catanese, Ellen Roberts
Lead Executive Editor: Samuel Shapiro
Executive Editors: Shannon Lozier, Emma Cotnoir, Simon Weissman, Michael Preato
Symposium Editors: Celena Stoia, Bianca LoGiruato
Membership Editor: Timothy Jablonsky

Advisor: Susan R. Schmeiser

Editorial Board 2019-2020

Editor in Chief: Potoula Tournas
Managing Editor: Samantha Bova
Assistant Managing Editor: Jacob Multer
Administrative Editor: James Geisler
Senior Articles Editor: Quyen Truong
Articles Editors: Christopher Boyer, Jennifer Buckler, Daniel Chapple
Lead Executive Editor: Brendan McPherson
Executive Editors: Andrew Lerch, Andrew Mackinlay, Allison Conley, Jessica Espinoza, Daniel Byrd
Symposium Editors: Alyssa Crooks, Camden Weber
Membership Editor: Alexis Coudert
Tech Editor: Adam Ghalmi

Officers 2018-2019

Editor in Chief: Corinne Boesz
Managing Editor: Brendan Donahue
Assistant Managing Editor: Emma Hale
Administrative Editor: Emma Hale
Senior Articles Editor: Dylan Shaw
Articles Editors: Onya Brown, Maureen Sweeney
Note and Comment Editor: Maria Peralta Esquivel
Executive Editors: Sunny Chung, Anastasiya Collins, Daniel Hanley, Uriel Lloyd
Symposium Editor: Andres Jimenez-Franck 
Membership Editor: Andres Jimenez-Franck

Contact Information

Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal
65 Elizabeth Street 
Hartford, CT 06105-2290