Carol Ann Weisbrod

Professor Emerita

Carol Weisbrod joined the faculty of the UConn School of Law in 1977 and became professor emerita in 2012. She was Ellen Ash Peters Professor from 1992 until her retirement.  Professor Weisbrod graduated from Columbia Law School in 1961 and worked for the American Jewish Congress, the New Haven Redevelopment Agency and Yale Law School before entering law teaching.  Professor Weisbrod is the author of The Boundaries of Utopia (1980); Butterfly, the Bride (1999); Emblems of Pluralism (2002); Grounding Security (2006); and Kites and the Sabbath (2014).  She is co-author of a Family Law Casebook (with Teitelbaum and Harris) and has published many articles in such areas as political theory, legal history and family law.

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