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Thank you for joining us to celebrate our 2019 honorees!  Enjoy these photographs from the event

2019 Award Winners
Henry S. Cohn
Distinguished Graduate Award: The Honorable Henry S. Cohn '70
Judge Henry S. Cohn was appointed to the Connecticut Superior Court bench in 1997 and has been a Judge Trial Referee since 2015. He served as a law clerk to Federal District Judge T. Emmet Clarie, as an assistant United States attorney, elections attorney, deputy secretary of the state and briefly as secretary of the state, as well as an assistant attorney general and adjunct professor of law at UConn. He co-wrote a legal history of the Hartford Circus Fire and has written and spoken extensively on a variety of topics.
Charles Luckey
Public Service Award: Charles Luckey '85

Lieutenant General Charles D. Luckey assumed duty as the Chief of Army Reserve and Commanding General, United States Army Reserve Command, in 2016. He was commissioned in the Army in 1977 after graduating from the University of Virginia and separated from active duty in 1982 to attend law school. He returned to active duty in 1985, transferred to the Army Reserve in 1991 and was recalled to active duty in 2008. As a civilian, he is a litigation partner in the firm of Blanco Tackabery & Matamoros P.A., located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Ingrid Moll
Distinguished Service Award: The Honorable Ingrid Moll ’99

Judge Ingrid L. Moll '99 was appointed to the Connecticut Appellate Court in 2018, after four years on the Superior Court bench. She was previously a member of the Hartford law firm Motley Rice LLC and had served as a law clerk for Justice David M. Borden of the Connecticut Supreme Court. She is a past president of the University of Connecticut Law School Alumni Association.

Karen DeMeola
Medal of Excellence: Karen DeMeola '96

Karen DeMeola '96 was named assistant dean for finance, administration and enrollment at UConn Law in 2018. After graduating from UConn Law, she worked as a civil rights lawyer and then returned to UConn Law in 2000 as director of admissions. She was named assistant dean for enrollment and students and in 2015 was elected to the Connecticut Bar Association leadership. She served a one-year term as president of the CBA in 2017-18.

2019 Graduates of the Last Decade Impact Award
Erick Russell
Alfredo Fernández '12

Alfredo Fernández practices in international trade compliance and environmental matters at Shipman & Goodwin LLP. He previously worked as an aerospace engineer for Pratt & Whitney. He has served as president of the Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association, board secretary of the Compass Youth Collaborative, and member of the Executive Committee of the Young Lawyers Section of the Connecticut Bar Association.

Ellen Messali
Ellen Messali '10

Ellen Messali is a staff attorney in the immigration law unit of New Haven Legal Assistance. She previously worked as the staff attorney for the Survivor Services Program at the International Institute of Connecticut, as a civil clerk for Judge Wilson Trombley at Waterbury Superior Court and as a family clerk at Milford Superior Court for Judge Robert Malone.

Erick Russell
Erick Russell '12

Erick Russell practices in the Government Finance Department of Pullman & Comley LLC. He previously practiced in the firm's Litigation Department. He has served on Lambda Legal's Connecticut Leadership Team and as co-chair of its Connecticut Cares event, as a member of the Discovering Amistad Board of Directors and as a member of the Connecticut Criminal Justice Commission.


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Distinguished Graduate Award Winners
2018  Anne C. Dranginis ’72
2017  Cheryl A. Chase '78
2016  Kathleen A. Murphy ’87
2015  Andrew J. McDonald '91
2014  James T. Shearin '86
2013  Michael L. Aresco '76
2012  Evan D. Flaschen ’82
2011  James K. Robertson, Jr. ’74
2010  James Sicilian ’81
2009  Christine S. Vertefeuille ’75
2008  Kevin J. O'Connor ’92
2007  Christopher F. Droney ’79
2006  Hope C. Seeley ’89
2005  Alphonso E. Tindall, Jr. ’81
2004  John H. Durham ’75
2003  Thomas J. Groark, Jr. ’65
2002  Dona D. Young ’80
2001  William H. Trachsel ’71
2000  Joette Katz ’77
1999  Daniel F. Flynn ’62
1998  Rosemary E. Giuliano ’78
1997  Richard N. Palmer ’77
1996  Randall Pinkston ’80
1995  Members of the Judiciary
1994  Thomas D. Ritter ’77
1993  Hubert J. Santos ’69
1992  Robert R. Googins ’61
1991  Thomas H. Dooley ’64
1990  Francisco L. Borges ’78
1989  John F. Droney ’73
1988  Dale P. Faulkner ’63
1987  Richard D. Tulisano ’69
1986  James J. Kennelly ’59
1985  Hugh F. Keefe ’67
1984  William R. Davis ’55
1982  James F. English, Jr. ’56
1981  Lewis B. Rome ’57
1980  Robert N. Giaimo ’44
1979  Joseph W. Bogdanski ’40
1978  T. Emmet Clarie ’38
1977  Carmine R. Lavieri ’48
1976  Anthony V. DeMayo ’51
1975  Carl W. Nielsen ’52
1974  Alva P. Loiselle ’43
1973  Louis Shapiro ’32
1972  Douglass B. Wright ’37
1971  Thomas J. Meskill ’56


Distinguished Service Award Winners
2018  Jon Bauer
2017  Steven M. Greenspan '85
2016  Lewis S. Kurlantzick
2015  Martha Stone
2014  Barbara J. Collins '78
2013  Willajeanne F. McLean
2012  Jeremy Paul
2011  Alexandra Davis DiPentima ’79
2010  William R. Breetz
2009  Laurie S. Werling
2009  Alan E. Green ’74
2008  Rafael A. Santiago ’83
2007  Kurt A. Strasser
2006  Nell Jessup Newton
2005  Alfred V. Covello ’60
2004  James D. Bartolini ’75
2003  Donna F. Martinez ’78
2002  Barbara B. Kennelly
2001  Dr. Henry C. Lee
2000  Hugh C. Macgill
1999  John C. Brittain
1998  Robert J. Callahan
1997  David W. Collins ’58
1994  Robert C. Zampano
1993  Ellen Ash Peters
1992  Cornelius J. Scanlon
1991  Peter A. Lane ’67
1990  George Schatzki
1989  Ethel S. Sorokin ’53
1988  Thomas C. McKone ’49
1987  Howard R. Sacks
1986  Phillip I. Blumberg
1975  George F. Sherwood ’66
1974  Aaron Nassau


Public Service Award Winners
2018  Perry Zinn-Rowthorn ’97
2017  Eric D. Coleman ’77
2016  Linda J. Kelly ’76
2015  Susan B. Handy '80
2014  Harry D. Weller '79
2013  John A. Danaher, III '80
2012  Pedro E. Segarra ’85
2009  Nora R. Dannehy
2007  Michael R. Sheldon
2006  Joan Glazer Margolis ’78
1990  Thomas P. Smith ’72
1989  Robert I. Berdon ’57
1988  Eunice S. Groark ’65
1987  Anne M. Hamilton ’73 & Rosalind S. Katz ’78
1975  William D. Graham ’49
1974  Robert C. Leuba ’60



Medal of Excellence Award Winners

2015  Robert M. Langer '73
2012  The Honorable Ellen Ash Peters
2010  Anthony V. DeMayo ’51
2008  William F. Gallagher ’63
2004  Ralph Gregory Elliot
1990  William B. Rush ’59
1989  Wesley W. Horton ’70
1988  William S. Zeman ’41
1987  Robert W. Fiondella ’68
1975  William R. Davis ’55
1974  George F. Muir ’39

Graduates of the Last Decade Impact Award

2018: Donald J. Bell ’13, Walter Menjivar ’12, Meredith O’Keefe ’08, Matthew Ritter '07

Lifetime Achievement Award

2016 Julia Brezina Dunlop