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Dual Degree Programs

To meet the challenges of practice in the 21st century, more lawyers find it imperative to more fully understand the interrelation of law and other disciplines.  To prepare students for these emerging opportunities, the Law School has developed five dual-degree programs that combine a superior legal education with graduate professional training in related fields. These programs allow qualified students to earn the J.D. and another degree more quickly than pursuing both degrees independently.

In all cases, students must gain admission separately to each school. Admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the other. After gaining admission to each school, students may apply to the dual-degree program.

The Law School offers the dual-degree programs in conjunction with certain University of Connecticut graduate schools. Students are encouraged to review the content in this section and to contact their Student Affairs Advisor or the specific programs Faculty Advisor for further information on the program.

LLMs can be pursued on a full or part-time basis with courses scheduled in the day time and evening. 

Juris Doctor / LLM Advanced Standing Program

The JD/LLM Advanced Standing Program is designed for students whose want to focus on developing in a particular practice of law such as Insurance Law, Energy & Environmental Law, or Human Rights and Social Justice.  Students choosing to focus in these areas may choose to pursue an LLM immediately following the JD degree.  With advance planning, this would allow the student to complete the LLM program in one semester. Read more on the JD / LLM Advanced Standing Program »

Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration

The JD/MBA dual degree program is designed for students whose career goals include domestic or international business, management, international finance, or public service, as well as such specialized areas of tax accounting, investment management, corporate organization or the legal aspects of marketing. Read more on the JD / MBA Dual Degree Program »

Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration

The JD/MPA program provides education and training in the concepts, skills, and techniques of public policy analysis, intergovernmental relations, statistical decision making, public management, financial administration, and human resource management. The program prepares students for careers as executives, policy officials and administrators in federal, state or local government and in nonprofit organizations. It is also extremely beneficial for students who plan to specialize in areas in which a legal background is especially helpful, e.g., labor relations, health administration, environmental protection, intergovernmental relations and city and town government. Those wishing a broad education on law and government as well as those who want a public affairs and law perspective in a specific area of student will find the dual degree program equally appropriate. Read more on the JD / MPA Dual Degree Program »

Juris Doctor/Master of Public Health

An understanding of the legal system is increasingly important to health care administrators and policy planners. Policy planners trained initially in law find a sound professional grasp of health care systems and their administration is vital to their own work. The JD/MPH program is designed for students who wish to integrate the study of the legal and health care systems. Read more on the JD / MPH Dual Degree Program »

Juris Doctor/Master of Social Work

The JD/MSW degree is designed for students who are interested in the social impact of the legal system upon individuals. Students pursue this degree to prepare for careers in fields such as public interest law, mental health law, elder law, women's rights, penology, juvenile advocacy, human services administration, community organizing and public policy and planning. The dual degree program is highly individualistic in nature in order to provide each student with the best possible combination of these two disciplines. Read more about the JD / MSW Dual Degree Program »