Four smartly dressed students chatting during a function in the Starr Reading room.

The moment you begin law school you have entered a profession. You will spend your law school career developing your skills as a student of the law and as a young professional. You will be held to a higher standard because of the privilege you will have as an attorney.

All students are held accountable for their behavior, both in and outside of the class through our Student Code of Conduct and our Academic Misconduct Policy. We expect that all students will abide by these policies and take seriously their individual role in making sure all in our community abide by those standards.

Faculty and staff will provide guidance on courses, experiential learning and personal matters. You will learn in class, not only about jurisprudence but also about each other and yourself.  Through the many programs, events, classes and clinics, you will learn professionalism is not simply about being nice to one another; it is a much broader concept that could encompass commitment to serve others, to act in the public good, promote justice, own your own conduct and to live as a student of the law.

The Student Affairs Office collaborates with student organizations, administrative offices, professional associations and affinity groups to bring students relevant and topical events and services necessary to build upon the many skills you will acquire at the Law School.