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Academic Success

Law school is an environment that attracts students from different educational backgrounds and professional experiences. It is that diversity which provides the legal classroom with unique perspectives and a variety of student contributions. However, no matter where a student originates from or which school they attended for their undergraduate studies, one thing is certain: law school will be a new and challenging experience.

At UConn, we are invested in ensuring our students have a competitive edge to succeed in law school. Whether they adjust easily and just need a few pointers along the way, or they want ongoing support throughout their time at UConn Law, we offer resources that provide specialized support to meet all of our students’ needs.

To that end, we’ve blended our academic and student initiatives to create a comprehensive Academic Success Program. This a la carte program allows our students to select from a menu of services, each one designed to provide support in varying areas of their legal studies.

Academic Advising

Students interested in obtaining an academic advisor work with the Student Affairs Office and are matched with a member of our esteemed faculty. When possible, matches capitalize on the student’s interest and the faculty member’s expertise and background. These unique relationships thrive within our law school community and often lead to ongoing curriculum mentoring and professionalism guidance.

For more information, or to be paired with an individual advisor, please contact Dean Darcy Kirk.

Academic Success Workshops

Chaired by a member of our UConn faculty, Academic Success Workshops are offered bi-weekly during the fall semester. These invaluable sessions are typically an hour long and feature discussions led by experts in case briefing, legal research & writing, public speaking and exam preparation.

For more information, please contact Mary Beattie.

Academic Support

UConn Law School offers the services of an Academic Success Counselor, who meets with students seeking assistance with legal reasoning, writing, and study skills. Students wishing to discuss exam preparation, exam writing, or drafts of papers for upper level classes can email Mary Beattie. Referrals to the office can also come from professors.

Time Management Counseling

There are several simple ways that law school students can manage their stress and anxiety while making the most of their available time. The Student Affairs Office offers one-on-one counseling to help our students adapt to the busy (and often chaotic) law school lifestyle. Whether you prefer regular meetings throughout the year to stay on track, or if you’re just feeling overwhelmed and need help prioritizing during exam time, we work with you to create and implement a time management strategy.

To get started or to schedule an introductory session, contact Jennifer Cerny.