Student Organizations

UConn Law students come to law school with varied interests, backgrounds and view points. Political, religious, affinity, professional, service, practice area, academic, athletic and social organizations reflect the diversity of our student body. Our student groups are active on campus, hosting events aimed at providing information and practical skills for our students, and off-campus in a variety of community service workshops and projects. Students are encouraged to attend any event that might pique their interest or try their luck on the court or field. If there is not a student group that represents your interests you are welcomed and encouraged to create your own organization. For a list of student organizations please visit the student organization list.

Founded in 1959, the Student Bar Association (SBA) is the student government of the University of Connecticut School of Law.  Membership consists of students elected annually by the Day, Evening, and LLM Divisions of the Law School.  The SBA manages a budget derived from student activities fees to support various student organizations, fund community activities, and to promote the quality of student life.  In addition, the SBA selects students to serve on faculty committees, provides feedback to the administration, and is active in a multitude of issues affecting students at the Law School.


We, the students of The University of Connecticut School of Law, do hereby establish the Student Bar Association and its governing Board, whose purposes shall include:

  1. The promotion of such activities as may be of interest to the student body;
  2. The promotion of cordial and effective relations among students, faculty and administration of the Law School, and with the University at large, other law schools and the community;  and
  3. The expression and representation of student opinion on matters pertaining to the law, to the Law School and to the Student Bar Association.
Executive Board 2020-2021

President: Sierra Santana
Vice-President: Ridhika Kartan
Chief Administrative Officer: Hannah Kogan
Chief Financial Officer: Rahul Darwar
Parliamentarian: James Motes
ABA Representative: Carly Sirota
Staff Advisor: Deb King

Executive Board 2019-2020

President: Glenn Holmes
Vice President: Be Faisant
Chief Administrative Officer: Mallori Thompson
Chief Financial Officer: Sierra Santana
Parliamentarian: Jessica Zaccagnino
American Bar Association Representative: Mallory Stone
3L Day Representatives: Wyatt Bosworth, Jennine Kottwitz, Snigdha Mamillapalli
2L Day Representative: Kyle Bechet
Upper Class Evening Representative: Olivia Benson, Emily Klawitter

Executive Board 2018-2019

President: Robert Frey
Vice President: Snigdha Mamillapalli
Chief Administrative Officer: Jennine Kottwitz
Chief Financial Officer: Glenn Holmes
3L Day Class Representatives: Kimberly Bosse, Amanda Carpenter, Erin Norton, Zeynep Sasmazel
2L Day Class Representatives: Wyatt Bosworth, Ray Carville, Corey Rioux, Jessica Zaccagnino
Upper Level Evening Division Class Representatives: Corinne Boesz, Samantha Bova

Executive Board 2017-2018

President: Sara Bonaiuto

Executive Board 2016-2017

President: Jamie Druzinsky
Vice President: Nicholas Smarra
Chief Financial Officer: Anthony El-Hachem
Chief Administrative Officer: Sara Bonaiuto
Parliamentarian: Drew Cunningham

Executive Board: 2015-2016

President: Bianca Slota
Vice President: Kristin Ahern
Chief Financial Officer: Eric Larson
Chief Administrative Officer: Jordan Sala

Staff Advisor: Jocelyn Kennedy

Executive Board 2014-2015

President: James Anderson
Vice President: Nisha Vasan
Chief Financial Officer: Joe Brown
Chief Administrative Officer: Sarah Polio

Staff Advisor: Jocelyn Kennedy

Contact Information

Student Bar Association (SBA)
University of Connecticut School of Law
ATTN: SBA Office, Starr Hall
65 Elizabeth Street
Hartford, CT 06105
Phone: 860-570-5061

UConn Law School is a small community full of big opportunities.  This is a listing of our student organizations.