Student Organization Space welcome sign with students standing in the background
Young Americans for Freedom

The Young Americans for Freedom was founded in 1960 to promote social welfare and individual freedom, and to support the preservation and enhancement of individual freedom for all Americans.  Our goal is to encourage an open and free exchange of ideas between students and faculty. YAF’s extensive speaker list, including NY Times Bestselling Author Michael J. Knowles, former screenwriter Andrew Klavan, Second Amendment advocate Dana Loesch, and political commentator Ben Shapiro, allows us to host thought-provoking and important discussions. 

Mission Statement

YAF’s Mission Statement recognizes five essential truths:

1. Individual freedom and the right to govern are natural rights that originate with God;
2. Political freedom is impossible without economic freedom;
3. Limited government and strict interpretation of the Constitution, the greatest founding document in world history;
4. The free market system is the only system that can guarantee individual freedom; and 
5. Socialism and communism must be defeated, not contained. 

YAF members have taken these core ideals and either started or contributed to the creation of CPAC, the Libertarian Party of America, the Cato Institute, Citizens United, and the Goldwater Institute, among other organizations. With past members including current US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Vice President Dan Quayle, and (most notably) President Ronald Reagan, YAF has been one of the most influential conservative organizations of the last century. 

Officers 2018-2019

Chairman: William Keefer
Vice Chairman: Alex Schreiber
Secretary: Katie Blouin
Treasurer: Nick Blanchard