Members of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund is dedicated to promoting the awareness of animal rights and educating the law school community about the legal protection of animal welfare. Our goal is to assist animal rights organizations such as the ASPCA and local animal shelters. SALDF strives to provide opportunities for students to learn more about and explore the field of animal law through panel discussions on campus and community volunteering.

Officers 2021-2022

President: Gwen Pastor
Vice President: Zach Miraz
Treasurer: Zoe Heard

Officers 2020-2021

Co-Presidents: Lindsay Alfano & Mariah Carlson-Kirigin
Treasurer: Francine Klarsfeld
Secretary: Carlene Felix
Outreach Director: Abby Willauer
Fundraising Chair: Patrick Conway 

Officers 2019-2020

Co-Presidents: Emily Scott and Sierra Santana
Outreach Director and Fundraising Chair: Maxwell Berteletti
Secretary: Simon Weissman
Treasurer:  Beth Kailey

Officers 2018-2019

Co-Presidents: Stephanie Javarauckas and Jesse Mangiardi
Outreach Director: Erin Flaharty
Secretary & ALDF Representative: Allison Rzewuski
Fundraising Chair: Whitney Lorello
Treasurer:  Matthew Fishkind
Farmed Animals Chair: Tracie Goldsmith

Officers 2017-2018

Co-Presidents: Amanda Carpenter and Erin Norton
Secretary & ALDF Student Representative: Christopher Kelly
Treasurer: Christopher Islieb
Outreach Chair: Laura Raymond
Farmed Animals Chair: Austin Moran
Fundraising Chair: Aniella Fignon

Advisor: Jessica Rubin

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