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Public Interest Law Group

Public Interest Law Group (PILG) is a student organization which serves three major functions. First, the organization raises grant funds which are allocated among students pursuing public interest summer jobs. The second function of the organization is to sponsor speakers and/or debates on numerous public-interest-related topics. The third function affords students an opportunity to get involved outside the Law School itself. Through numerous community activities such as a food drive, soup-kitchen volunteering, and legal aid volunteer services, it encourages students to step outside the books and examine some current problems in the area.

Officers 2015-2016

President: Francesco Mioli
Vice-President: Stacey Samuel
Auction Chairs: Yuri Min, Pamela Alberca, Evelyn O'Reagan, Scott Seger, Kaitlin Kontyko
Outreach Chair: Lisa Herrera
Treasurer: RJ Hine
Secretary: Shikhah Patel

Faculty Advisor: Jon Bauer

Save the Date - 22nd Annual PILG Auction 2015

November 15, 2015

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