students negotiating in a competition
Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Society

The Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Society is a student organization that provides students with the opportunity to develop negotiation, mediation, and arbitration skills.  Through competitions, training sessions, workshops, networking and speaking events members will have the opportunity to explore these essential areas of practicing law today.  The Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Society will sponsor events throughout the year to encourage UCONN Law Students to enjoy sharpening their practical skills for the future.

Officers 2018-2019

President: Lindsey Viscomi
NDRS Chair: Kyle Roseman
Treasurer: Chloe Scherpa
Secretary: Allaina Murphy 
Fundraising and Outreach Coordinators: Daniel Chapple and Brooke Tinnerello
Competition Coordinators: Erin Peterson and Kathryn Ledwith
Skill Development Chairs: Oliver Sherman and Kevin Sweeney

Officers 2017-2018

President: Tyler Williams
Vice President: Kyle Roseman
Secretary: Anthony Zucaro
Treasurer: Katherine Blouin
Chair of Skills Development: Ashley McWilliams & David Mullany
Competition Coordinators: Daniel Park & Stacy Skankey
Outreach Coordinators: Aderson Chui & Tarek Chatila

Officers: 2015-2016

President: Malcolm Ranger-Murdock
Vice President: Choity Khan
Competition Coordinator: Ryan Huntsman
Treasurer: Maxine Segarnick
Secretary: Kelsey Bagge
Skill Development Co-Chairs: Jenna Montesano and Joshua Correia

Advisor: Professor Jessica Rubin

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