Student Organization Center
Mental Health Committee

The goal of the Mental Health Committee (formerly a committee under the Student Bar Association) is to raise awareness about mental health issues in the legal field.  The committee aims to act proactively by opening a dialogue on campus about caring for our own mental health, reducing negative stigmas concerning mental health issues, and promoting healthy minds in the UConn Law community.

Officers 2021-2022

President: Alexandra Smith
Vice President: Melisa Tupkusic
Secretary: Danielle Erickson

Officers 2020-2021

President: Kaylee Navarra
Vice President: Marc Goldner
Secretary: Emma Morelli
Interim Treasurer: Kaylee Navarra
Outreach and Events Coordinator: Hanna Webb

Officers 2019-2020

Co-Presidents: Alexandria Madjeric and Jessica Zaccagnino
Vice President: Jessica Labadia
Secretary: Haley Delvecchio
Treasurer: Brooke Tinnerello
Outreach Coordinator: Donald Anderson III
Events Coordinator: Tracie Goldsmith
Advisor: Yvonne Tafuto, LCSW