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Health Law Interest Group

The Health Law Interest Group (HLIG) provides students with information on current topics in the field of health law, encourages increased awareness of health-related issues, provides information on the career opportunities in the field of health law, and serves as a social organization. HLIG also sponsors social events for the law school community, organizes speakers and panel discussions on issues concerning health law, organizes health awareness programs and activities on campus, and participates in curricular reform to expand health law course and clinic offerings on campus.

What's the commitment?

HLIG members are expected to attend two general body meetings per year (one/semester), attend at least one HLIG Lunchtime Speaker Series event, attend the HLIG career panel, and serve on one at least one HLIG event committee. The total annual commitment for the typical member is approximately 10 hours, though the opportunity for active participation can far exceed that.

Officers 2013 - 2014

President: Ashkon Roozbehani
Vice President: Kelcie Reid
Chief Administrative Officer: Nina Pelc-Faszcza
Treasurer: Madiha Malik

Advisor: Susan Schmeiser

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