First-Generation Students Association

The First-Generation Students Association was created to serve the interests of students who are first-generation college students and first-generation Americans by creating an organization that is united by the common bond of being the first member(s) of their family to attend college or live in the United States.

Mission Statement

The mission of the First-Generation Students Association is to (1) establish connections and create a community among first-generation students on campus, especially between 1Ls/LLM students and upperclass students; (2) provide resources and support for first-generation students; (3) provide leadership opportunities for first-generation students; (4) provide an opportunity for future students and alumni of the Association in the legal profession to connect and interact; and (5) sponsor events, host speakers, and coordinate activities furthering the Association’s goals and interests.

2020-2021 E-Board

President: Marc Bernatchez
Vice-President: Zachery Peters
Secretary: Isabella De Lisi
Treasurer: Robert Eagan
Events Coordinator: Adam Zwick

Advisor: Lauren Majchrowski

2019-2020 E-Board

President: Tracie Goldsmith
Vice-President: Snigdha Mamillapalli
Secretary: Katie Cason
Treasurer: Kyle Bechet

For More Information

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