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Energy and Environmental Law Society

Energy and Environmental Law Society (EELS) provides students with information on current topics in the fields of energy and environmental law to encourage increased awareness. EELS provides information on the career opportunities in both fields and serves as a social organization. The Energy and Environmental Law Society, in coordination with the Center for Energy and Environmental Law, sponsors social events for the Law School community, organizes speakers and panel discussions on issues concerning energy and the environment, organizes awareness programs on campus, and participates in regional and national conferences.

Officers 2021-2022

President: Christa Calabretta

Vice President: Emily Muzyka

Secretary: Magdalena Klin

Treasurer: Joseph Messina 

Trivia Chair: Liana Feinn

Outreach Coordinator: Julia Suesser

Events Coordinator: Zachary Miraz

Officers 2020-2021

President: Joan Bosma
Vice President: Lindsay Alfano
Secretary: Daniel Barrack
Treasurer: Devon Michaelis 
Trivia Chair: Francine Klarsfeld

Officers 2019-2020

President: Shelby Downes
Vice President: Guneet Josen
Secretary: Stephen Reck
Treasurer & Social Media Outreach: Will Deegan
Trivia Chair: Jason Zhang
CEEL Liason: Louanne Cooley

Officers 2018-2019

Environmental President: Charlie Bloom
Energy President: Allison Conley
Vice President: Julius Graefe
Secretary: Louanne Cooley
Treasurer: Gabby Gelozin
Outreach Coordinator: Erin Flaharty
Trivia Chair: Katarina Marczeski
Bird Law Co-Presidents: Katie Graichen, Dylan Shaw, Ainsley Parrish, Chris Kelly

Officers 2017-2018

Energy President: Dylan Shaw
Environmental President: Ainsley Parrish
Vice President: Chris Kelly
Secretary: Katie Graichen
Treasurer: Pegah Benankah
Outreach Coordinator: Jamie Woodside
Trivia Chair: April Reagan
Bird Law President: Jeffrey David Lounsbury

Officers 2016-2017

Energy President: April Regan
Environmental President: Liz Santovasi
Vice President: Rebekah Black
Treasurer: Joe Mortelliti
Secretary: Lauren Barone
Outreach Coordinator: Jeff Lounsbury
EELS  Lobbyist: Je'Quana Orr
Bird Law Presidents: Andy Siuta, Kristie Beahm
Bird Law Understudy: Jamie Druzinsky
Bird Law Field Agent: Yulia Shamailova 

Advisor: Joseph MacDougald

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