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Connecticut Moot Court Board

The Connecticut Moot Court Board members consist of the most promising oral advocates at the University of Connecticut School of Law. Selection for the Board arises through exemplary performance in the William H. Hastie and Alva P. Loiselle intramural competitions, held in the fall and spring semesters, respectively. Membership is also extended to students with outstanding performances in client counseling competitions or through participation on an interscholastic competition team.  

Board membership provides students the chance to hone their advocacy skills by competing in moot court competitions across the country, including the National Moot Court Competition and the Phillip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. Members also assist with the first-year interterm moot court program by judging practice arguments.  

The Board strives to promote the development of oral and written advocacy skills, to enhance the reputation of the University of Connecticut School of Law by maintaining a high level of quality and prestige, and to augment the legal education of members and the student body by introducing students to, and providing them with the opportunity to debate, emerging jurisprudential issues.

Officers 2021-2022

Executive Director: Abby Booth
Director of Judging: Abigail Bicknell
Intramural Director: Ray Laguerre
Interscholastic Director: Sarah Wylie
Executive Brief Writer: Maggie O’Neil
Secretary: Briana Fernald
Treasurer: Elena Boushee
Events Coordinator: Jayda Cruz

Officers 2020-2021

Executive Director: Robert Brownell
Intramural Director: Samuel Shapiro
Director of Judging: Sierra Santana
Executive Brief Writer: Jillian Chambers
Interscholastic Director: Patrick Kania
Secretary: Abby Booth
Treasurer: Sarah Wylie
Events Coordinator: Gulrukh Haroon

Officers 2019-2020

Executive Director: Lauren Ross
Intramural Director: James Geisler
Director of Judging: Alexis Coudert
Executive Brief Writer: Carolyn Rennie
Interscholastic Competition Director: Adam Ghalmi
Secretary: Sophie Bossart
Treasurer: Sierra Santana
Events Coordinator: Robert Brownell

Officers 2018-2019

Executive Director: Aaron Frankel
Intramural Director: Daniel Park
Director of Judging: Shehrezad Haroon
Executive Brief Writer: Nathaniel Nichols-Fleming
Inter-scholastic Competition Director: Molly Finn
Secretary: Alexandria Madjeric
Treasurer: Robert Frey
Events Coordinator: Lauren Ross 

Officers 2017-2018

Executive Director: Gideon Asemnor
Intramural Director: Christina Karamani
Director of Judging: Raymond Gauvreau
Executive Brief Writer: Joseph Reilly
Interscholastic Competition Director: Walter Klimczak
Secretary: Luke Martin
Treasurer: Aaron Frankel
Events Coordinator: Ashley McWilliams

Officers 2016-2017
Executive Director: Sarah Wilber
Director of Judging: Mayra Reyes
Intramural Director: Brandon Desocio
Interscholastic Competition Director: Kristin Ahern

Executive Brief Writer: Michael Senzer
Treasurer: Gideon Asemnor
Secretary: Andrew Ammirati
Events Coordinator: Mike Cannata

Advisor: Paul Bader

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