Connecticut Alliance of International Lawyers members at case review
Connecticut Alliance of International Lawyers

The Connecticut Alliance of International Lawyers (CAIL) was founded on September 24, 1999 with the aim of demonstrating the international diversity at UConn Law school. CAIL’s executive board consists of international LL.M. and exchange students who organize and host a range of informative, fun and engaging events for all of the UConn community including faculty and J.D. students. Events will be focused around international themes and  all those who wish to learn about other cultures, discover what international law entails or meet other students of the UConn community are encouraged to participate in CAIL's events.

Officers 2017-2018

President:  Daniel Cook
Vice President: Jake Gibbs
Treasurer: Joschua Hauck
Secretary: Marianne Elshof
Student Exchange Representative: Dietrich Bade

Officers: 2016-2017

President: Andres Avila
Vice President: Mischa McKevitt
Treasurer: Sandra Ahrens
Secretary: Julia van Best

Advisor: Carrianna K. Field

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