Student Organization Space welcome sign with students standing in the background
Chinese Law Students Association

The Chinese Law Students Association (CLSA) is an organization for law students who are interested in social, economic, political and other aspects of Chinese culture. We want to be supportive to students to get used to life in law school especially those LLM/Exchange students who come in the first year. In addition, our group aims to establish a network with Chinese graduates and practitioners to help with students’ future career. 

Officers 2018-2019

President: Lei Shi
Vice President: Qiuming Li
Secretary: Yukun Zhang
Treasurer: Hongru Wu

Officers 2017-2018

President: Xinshu Wei
Vice President: Xinlu Cao
Secretary: Yanyan Jin
Treasurer: Chen Mao

Officers 2016-2017

President: Ping Liu
Vice president: Yuan Liu

Officers: 2015-2016

President: Wei Zou
Advisor:  Yan Hong

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