Black Law Students Association
Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) articulates and promotes the professional needs and goals of black law students. Our mission is to provide a comfortable environment and support system where students can share ideas, help each other during their law school experience, and ensure that our voice is heard on the law school campus. The main focus of BLSA is to promote the success of people of color in the legal community, on the law school campus, and in society as a whole.

Our organization works to instill in black law students a greater awareness of their role as lawyers in the black community. BLSA is committed to fostering and encouraging professional excellence among black attorneys and the American legal profession as a whole. Members also work to encourage law schools, legal fraternities, and associations to use their expertise and influence to bring about change in the legal system in order to make it responsive to the needs of the black community.

Like many student groups on campus, we serve as a social support system as well as a political machine that seeks to continue dialog on issues revolving around race and the law and to prevent and fight racism in all sectors of society.

Officers 2020-2021

President: Dorianne Salmon
Vice President: Geoffrey Young
Treasurer: Patti Garwood
Secretary: Shantel Doss
Parliamentarian-Historian: Paola Leiva
Social Media Coordinator: Yvonne Kang

Officers 2019-2020

President: Dorianne Salmon
Vice President: Mallori Thompson
Interim Secretary: Ryan Eugene
Treasurer: Samuel Maduabueke
Social Media Coordinator: Yari Reyes
Academic Chair: Louanne Cooley
Events Chair: Daisy Garrett

Officers 2018-2019

President:  Kadeejah Kelly
Vice President:  Sharix Alicea
Treasurer:  Onya Brown
Secretary:  Tiffany Montouth
Community Outreach Chair:  Sean Mosley
Events Chair:  Vania Legall
Parliamentarian:  Tiffany Montouth
Social Media Coordinator:  Vania Legall

Officers 2017-2018

President: Je'Quana Orr
Vice President: Kadeejah Kelly
Secretary: Tiffany Montouth
Treasurer: Sharix Alicea
Community Service Chair: Onya Brown
Academic Chairs: Gideon Asemnor & Jason Martinez
Parliament-Historian:  Uriel Lloyd

Advisor: Willajeanne McLean


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