Scholarship & Grant Resources

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for external scholarships, and must report receiving any awards to the Student Finance Office. Students may not have financial aid in excess of their cost of attendance or financial need. If total financial aid already equals the cost of attendance, student loans or other aid must be reduced to resolve the overaward.

Student Portal Scholarship and Grant List

When the Student Finance Office receives notices of available scholarships, they are listed with application and deadline information through the Student Portal. 

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Law Students First Fund

UConn Law students who have experienced an unanticipated hardship may receive a gift through the Law Students First Fund to help ease the burden they are experiencing. By providing resources in times of need, the Law Students First Fund allows the Student Affairs Office to demonstrate the care and concern that the UConn Law community feels for our students. The Law Students First Fund is supported by private donors, including the AccessLex Institute. Students in need should contact

External Scholarships

All students are strongly encouraged to apply for external scholarships. Many of our students have successfully obtained funding from outside organizations and agencies. The following search engines are free:

Hint: When using a search engine requiring you to create an account and enter the name of your school, it is OK to choose the University of Connecticut's main campus in Storrs if the School of Law is not an option.

Caution: Never pay to apply for a scholarship. Read this ThoughtCo. article to learn more about scholarship scams. 

UConn Law Scholarships

Inquiries about Merit and Foundation scholarships for JD students should be directed to JD Admissions at or 860-570-5100.

A limited number of non-renewable scholarships are awarded to LLM students by the LLM Admissions Office.