Work Study & Student Labor

The School of Law provides many opportunities for student employment. The School of Law relies on two sources to fund student employee positions. Work Study positions are partially funded by the federal government and these funds are part of a needs based financial aid award. Student Labor positions are funded by the university. The work and hourly pay rates are the same. All jobs on the School of Law campus are paid on a bi-weekly basis.

For more detail regarding Work Study awards contact the Office of Student Finance.

Student Labor

Student Labor positions are open to all University of Connecticut students regardless of financial need. Student employees working on the Student Labor payroll are paid with funds from the UConn School of Law department for which they work. Since there are a limited number of Student Labor positions available on the School of Law campus, students are encouraged to apply early at the beginning of each semester.

Work Study

Work Study funds are awarded by the School of Law’s Office of Student Finance for a specific period of time (academic year and summer). The School of Law employs many students who have accepted a Work Study Award as part of their financial aid package. Most Work Study student employees work in jobs on the School of Law campus, while a smaller number earn their Work Study Award at a UConn approved off-campus work site (government, non-profit, community service agency).

The School of Law relies on law students working on the Work Study payroll to perform services essential to the Law School community. First year law students are considered for employment in the Law Library and in Information Technology Services.

The roles filled by first year law students with Work Study are critical to the success of the instructional and research needs of faculty and students. Students play an indispensable role in Law Library operations as such as staffing the Circulation Desk, supporting the Interlibrary Loan program, and assisting with the processing of new research materials and books. Additionally first year students staff the Information Technology Services Help Desk and assist with computer and classroom technology support.

Second and third year law students may be invited to interview for the Work Study job which they held during the previous academic year or apply for another position on campus.  There is no guarantee of rehire into a previously held Work Study position. Students are often required to reapply for the jobs they held during a previous semester.

Work Study Deadlines

08/27/2021 - Work Study 2021-22 BEGINS

10/01/2021 - DEADLINE to accept 2021-22 Work Study Award

12/16/2021 - Work Study Fall 2021 ENDS for December 2021 graduates

05/05/2022 - Work Study 2021-22 ENDS

Contact the Office of Student Employment for more information.