Connecticut Law Review

Above: Law Review members gather with the Honorable Michael B. Mukasey, the 2013 Day Pitney Visiting Scholar.

Connecticut Law Review publishes approximately 1,000 pages of critical legal discussion each year. The Law Review is managed entirely by a student board of editors, who solicit, edit, and publish articles and book reviews written by scholars, judges, and practicing attorneys. In addition, nearly half of the contents of the Law Review is written by students. Its subscribers include law offices and law libraries throughout the country and abroad. The Law Review is often cited in briefs, court opinions, and legal texts. Membership on the Connecticut Law Review provides students an opportunity to work together to achieve a high level of analytical and writing skill, to contribute to the professional literature and to influence the development of the law. Election to the Law Review's board of editors is one of the highest honors a law student can achieve.


Editorial Board 2020-2021

Editor-in-Chief: Mallori D. Thompson
Managing Editor: Cait Barrett
Assistant Managing Editor: Meagan Messina
Membership Manager: Kelly R. Butricks
Business, Technology, & Circulation Editor: Robert W. Sommers

Editorial Board 2019-2020

Editor-in-Chief: Alexandria Madjeric
Managing Editor: Adam J. Kuegler
Assistant Managing Editor: Hannah F. Kalichman
Membership Manager: Brooke A. Tinnerello
Business & Technology Editor: Chanwon Yoon

Editorial Board 2018-2019

Editor-in-Chief: Luke Martin
Managing Editor: Katherine Blouin
Assistant Managing Editor: Maegan Faitsch
Membership Manager: Amanda Carpenter
Business & Technology Editor: Trevor Larrubia

Editorial Board 2017-2018

Editor: Andrew Ammirati
Managing Editor: Michael Rondon
Assistant Managing Editor: Elizabeth Santovasi
Membership: Claire Pariano
Business & Technology: Steven Winters 

Editorial Board 2016-2017

Editor in Chief: Gavin Tisdale
Managing Editor: Denis O'Malley
Assistant Managing Editor: Michael Senzer
Membership Manager: Joseph Baron
Business & Tech Manager: Ed Rowley

Advisor: Michael Fischl

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Connecticut Law Review
65 Elizabeth Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06105-2290