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Connecticut Journal of International Law

The Connecticut Journal of International Law (CJIL) is a student-run organization that publishes two issues every academic year. Founded in 1985, CJIL publishes articles that cover a wide range of topics in international law, comparative law, and the extraterritorial effect of United States law and policy. While articles, book reviews and commentary by internationally recognized scholars and practitioners comprise a substantial portion of CJIL, student notes are published as well.

UConn Law students handle all tasks related to managing CJIL. Within CJIL, there is an Editorial Board and Associate Members. The Editorial Board selects articles and notes for publication, communicates with the authors, edits drafts, and manages CJIL’s administrative and financial affairs. Associate Members do the sourcing, editing, and verifying assignments. Additionally, Associate Members write a student note on international law. 

CJIL leads discussion and debate on international law at UConn Law through hosting speakers and an annual symposium. Past symposia topics range from the Cambodian War Crimes Tribunals to the effect of Wal-Mart in an international economy.


Editorial Board 2021-2022

Editor-in-Chief: Sydney Geer

Managing Editor: Victoria Damore

Assistant Managing Editors: Sara Bigman, Aleksandr Friedman

Lead Articles Editor: Daniel Barrack 

Articles Editors: Gulrukh Haroon, Jacob Riley

Symposium Editors: Abigail Bicknell, Zachary Sipala

Administrative Editor: Shangqing Liu 

Note & Comment Editors: Hallie Tingstad, Stephen Kennedy

Lead Executive Editor: Julie Ludwig

Executive Editors: Heide Hernandez Jimenez, Victoria James, Geoffrey Young, Richard Kirby



Editorial Board 2020-2021

Editor-in-Chief: Kathleen Cason
Managing Editor: William Riordan
Assistant Managing Editors: Daisy Garrett and Guneet Josen
Lead Articles Editor: Stephen Reck
Articles Editors: Shannon Nolan and Nestor Rodriguez
Symposium Editors: Sierra Santana and Jonathan Bedosky
Administrative Editor: Haley DelVecchio
Competition Editor: Yadilza Reyes
Executive Editors: Shuya Duan, James Driscoll, Albert Lee, Shelby Downes, Shawn Pilares
Note & Comment Editors: Tom Dupont and Conor Scalise

Editorial Board 2019-2020

Editor-in-Chief: Sebastian Iagrossi
Managing Editor: Katarina Marczeski
Assistant Managing Editors: Mario Fontanella, Andrew Morgan, Pooja Salve
Lead Articles Editor: Zeynep Aydogan
Articles Editors: Nicole Byrne, Johann Graefe, Ciarra Minacci-Morey, Sarah Williams
Symposium Editors: Steven Lin, Jonathan Sykes
Administrative Editor: Jessica David
Information Technology Editor: Nick Loveland
Research Editor: Maxfield Fey
Competition Editor: Corey Rioux
Executive Editors: Jessica Blasnik, Jonathan Donovan, Sam Maduabueke, Caragh McMaster, Brian Yuen
Note & Comment Editors: Hannah Kang, Erin Peterson, Allison Rzewuski

Editorial Board 2018-2019

Editor-in-Chief: Paul Milliken
Managing Editor: Daniel Park
Assistant Managing Editor: Christopher Kelly
Administrative Editor: Julia Steere
Lead Articles Editor: Megan Grant
Articles Editors: Jessica Seidman, James Zimmer
Symposium Editors: Tarek Chatila, Tatyana Marugg
Competition Editor: Jesse King
Executive Editors: Elaf Al-Wohaibi, Rebecca Duback, Shehrezad Haroon, Zeynep Sasmazel

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