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Technology can powerfully enhance the teaching and learning experience. Law ITS manages the technological tools and services in the classrooms and learning centers on campus.

Classroom Support

The ITS Department staff provides technology services for academic classes, meetings and special events.  We encourage faculty and staff to contact the Help Desk to schedule a one-on-one classroom A/V training session before their class, meeting, or event.  

If you experience technical difficulty and require immediate assistance, call 860-570-5158 to speak with a Help Desk representative.

Many professors use Westlaw's course management system, TWEN, to manage their courses. With TWEN, faculty members may post syllabi and course materials online in one place that is easily accessible to students. 

What is TWEN?

TWEN stands for The West Educational Network. It is an online course management system that allows professors to post course materials and information online.  Professors may also elect to use TWEN to communicate official class announcements to their students.

How do I access TWEN?
To access TWEN, simply sign into your Westlaw account, then choose the TWEN tab at the top of the screen.  You must have registered your Westlaw password to be able to access TWEN.
If you do not have a Westlaw account, please contact the Reference Desk via email or call (860) 570-5068.  New students receive their Westlaw credentials during student orientation at the start of the semester.
Who do I contact for assistance with TWEN?

Westlaw has student representatives available to help you in the the computer lab located on the second floor of the library. If the student representatives are not available, you can contact the Westlaw Representative Holly Rush at Holly.Rush@thomsonreuters.com.

Please Note: TWEN is not administered by Law IT. For technical questions regarding TWEN, call (800) 486-4876 or send an email to west.twensupport@thomson.com. You may also contact the law school's Westlaw representative, Holly Rush at Holly.Rush@thomsonreuters.com.

The Information Technology Department is pleased to offer recording via Panopto for any class or lecture at UConn Law. Panopto is a software platform designed for creating and saving recordings, as well as multicasting—the ability to broadcast an event to as many computers as needed, so that community members who cannot attend in person can still participate.  

Panopto also allows students to view their recordings on mobile iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, after the recording has been properly uploaded. This feature is great for collaborative editing, if a group member is unable to attend a meeting in person. It’s also useful for students who want to go back and review their recordings for upcoming exams and papers.

This lecture capture technology has been primarily used in our skills-based classes.  To take advantage of these services, please send a request to the ITS Help Desk.  Student requests for class recordings must have written approval from the faculty member teaching the class.

Please make sure to send a request for lecture capture at least 48 business hours in advance of the class or lecture, and a request for event recording or multicasting at least a week in advance.

Exam4 is the software program that students must use when taking an exam using their laptop computer. New versions of the software must be installed each semester and can be downloaded from Extegrity's website.

Preparing your computer for Exam4:
Starting in October and March each school year students are allowed to download the Exam4 software to their computers. Students are expected to prepare their computers for exams prior to the exam period. Instructions for students are maintained in the Student Portal.Follow the instructions in the Student Portal »

Distance learning and online courses have become an integral part of the University along with traditional classroom instruction.

Distance learning brings together an instructor and students via technology. At UConn, distance learning, also know as iTV, refers specifically to courses taught using a videoconference (interactive television) system, which enables students and the instructor to see and hear each other in real time.  Our distance learning room is capable of point-to-point IP connections and utilize H.239 technology, which allow instructors to send their camera image and course content (i.e. Power Point presentation) simultaneously.

The TWEN platform has also been used for our asynchronous distance learning classes.

Need assistance with Distance Education technology?  Contact the Help Desk»