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Mon - Thurs:  8 AM to 10 PM
Fri:  8 AM to 5 PM
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The Law ITS department assists faculty, staff and students in integrating multimedia resources into UConn Law’s educational learning environment. The ITS department supports and enhances faculty teaching, research and curriculum by evaluating new trends in educational technology, providing media support for classes and other events, creating online technology tutorials, and maintaining classroom audiovisual equipment. The Law ITS department is committed to providing solutions and support for the academic and administrative functions of UConn Law.

* We need a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice to record an event or class.* 

On weekdays, recordings will be generally available 24 hours after the class or event ends. On Friday nights and weekends, recordings will be generally available no later than the following Monday. Contact the Help Desk for further information.

Audiovisual equipment and technical support for UConnLaw is provided by the Law ITS Department. A wide range of equipment including microphones, DVD players, camcorders, projectors, computers with their peripherals, and much more are available upon request.  For specific details about all available services and equipment, rates, and user policies, please contact the Help Desk.

Law ITS advises and guides planners, presenters, and participants in the use of all instructional tools. In addition, all meeting spaces on the law school campus are equipped with Help Desk phones which are answered by in-house staff able to provide immediate assistance.

To arrange for technical equipment and services, first contact complete the Technology Reservation Request Form.  A member of our staff will work with you to select appropriate technology to match your needs and to determine costs.

Costs for audiovisual equipment and support, distance learning services and other audiovisual and media services vary according to the type of work, schedule, location, and other factors.

Live streaming is provided on a first come, first-served basis and support is only available for one or two events at any given time, depending on staff and resource availability. 

We can create simultaneous streams of video and/or audio in the Flash (VP6) format for events originating on UConn Law's campus and also create archive files in mp4 format (H.264 video and mp3 audio) for later viewing. For events with a large live audience, the event organizer should work with the ITS department to arrange for audio and video (A/V) inputs to our on-site streaming media equipment.  It is also important to determine whether the venue has an active Ethernet connection within reasonably close proximity to the A/V outputs. When necessary, we can provide a video camera and a single wireless lavalier (tieclip) microphone with operator for one event at any given time.

Copyright Release

Please ensure you have the consent of the presenter or subjects to be streamed and/or recorded.  Please contact the Communications Office for a copy of the Copyright Release form.