Business and Transactional Law Society

The Business and Transactional Law Society (“BTLS”) is an organization dedicated to establishing connections between the UConn Law community and business and transactional law practitioners, facilitating students' access to resources and opportunities in this fundamental field, and assisting students in honing pertinent practical skills. BTLS seeks to provide a forum for students to hone their corporate and transactional law skills, to learn transactional research and drafting, and to further develop their negotiation techniques.  BTLS members have the opportunity to enhance their negotiation skills and learn how to draft and interpret business documents through workshops and lectures on the intricacies of business law and practice.

Officers 2021-2022

President: Meghan McDermott
Vice President: Judy Chicoine
Treasurer: Sarah Melanson
Secretary: Zoe Russell
Events Director: Zach Miraz

Advisor: Diane Covello