Culture and Entertainment

Culture and Entertainment
Suggestions from Current Students
  • On a nice day, get together with a group of friends, pack a picnic lunch, and head to Elizabeth Park to enjoy the outdoors for an afternoon.
  • Create your own walking tour of Hartford using some of the suggestions from this list and check out the lunch or Happy Hour specials at one of Hartford’s many restaurants.
  • Volunteer for one of the sporting or cultural events in Hartford; it’s a great way to see the behind-the-scenes of the events, meet people in the area, and learn about local organizations.
  • has great deals on restaurants and attractions in the Hartford area; if you can get a few friends together to share the cost of the deal, you can save more money off of the discounted rates.
  • Be sure to ask if there any student discounts at cultural and historic attractions; many places offer student discounts with a valid I.D.
  • Attending a matinee or early showing of a current Hollywood blockbuster is a great way to save money, and since the shows are relatively early in the day, you have time to check out other attractions or read for your upcoming classes.
  • In the warmer months, visit State House Square, located in the heart of Downtown Hartford. You can visit the historic Old State House and enjoy lunch on the lawn of the Old State House. There are food carts lined up around the Square, an indoor food court located in a building adjacent to the lawn of the Old State House, and a local farmer’s market during the summer months.