Connecticut has a seasonal climate that can vary greatly from month to month and even day to day.   

Spring (March-May) begins as cool and rainy and then the weather becomes warmer and clear.
Summer (June-August) can be extremely humid but is often clear and hot.
Autumn (September-November) starts out as warm and often times humid and then the weather turns cool and rainy.
Winter (December-February) is usually windy and cold with snowfall and below freezing temperatures. 

Because of Connecticut’s seasonal climate, a variety of clothing is needed.  See below for suggested clothing, organized by semester. 

Fall Semester Essentials (September – December):

  • Summer Clothing
  • Light Sweaters/ Light Jackets
  • Heavy Sweater/Warmer Jackets
  • Boots
  • Hat and Gloves

Spring Semester Essentials (January – May): 

  • Winter Clothing (winter jacket, warm pants, heavy sweaters and hat and gloves)
  • Raincoat/Rain Boots
  • Light Sweaters
  • Summer Clothing

Summer Semester (June – August):

  • Light-Weight Summer Clothing
  • Light Sweaters
  • Few Pairs of Pants
  • Rain Jacket

For more information about weather in Connecticut please visit the Weather Channel website.