Student Organization Space

Student Organization Space
SBA Office

The SBA Office is located on the first floor of Starr Hall in Room 119, next to the Student Finance Office. Facilities include electronic and filing storage, computer and multifunction printer. The office is staffed periodically by class representatives and Executive Board members.  We welcome all students to stop by during our office hours (posted here and on the office door) to provide feedback, discuss concerns, and ask questions. A suggestion box outside of the office is also available.

The SBA Student Organizations Office is located in the basement of Knight Hall, before the bookstore and across from the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal office. The office is available for student group leader use (members of executive boards of student groups), and includes two workstations, a computer and multifunction laser printer, a small conference table for small group meetings, and filing storage for student groups. Student groups may reserve the space with the SBA Secretary.

Student group leaders can email the SBA Secretary and must sign a "Terms of Use" policy prior to access to either office.

Library Student Lounge (Fourth Floor)

The Student Library Lounge, located on the Fourth Floor of the Library, features new furniture and equipment, including four lounge areas with tables, a game table, a large flat screen TV and a Blue-Ray DVD player for student use. The space will soon also have a counter-top space with a microwave by the game table.

Important Notes About the Space:

  • The space is currently accessible through key card access for all members of the law school community.
  • Please be mindful of your neighbors when the space is used. While noise levels are expected to rise, please keep in mind certain times of the year (such as final exams
  • period) as well as certain times of the day (such as times when a class is scheduled next door).
  • Please be mindful of food and drinks in the space and clean up after use so that we can continue to enjoy and offer it to the student body.
  • While you may eat in the space, please do not bring food or uncovered liquids outside of the student lounge area.
Knight Hall Student Lounge Reservations

The Knight Hall Student Lounge is open for reservations by student groups and vendors and is scheduled by the SBA Secretary. Reservations may be made any time that school is in session. Students and vendors interested in tabling in Knight Hall Lounge should email the Secretary with the following information:

  • Name of student and student group
  • Dates and times of requested use
  • type of event (book sale, study aid sale, fundraiser, etc.)
  • brief description of event

Any student or group planning to use the lounge agrees to properly maintain the facility and clean the area after use. Please note that all requests are subject to approval by the SBA.