How to Create a New Student Organization

How to Create a New Student Organization

Requests to register as a student organization should be submitted to the Assistant Dean of Students. Written request should include a statement that you are interested in establishing your organization, its name, advisor, purpose, as well as the specific duties and functions of organization officers and members.

Additionally, submit the following to the SBA and Student Services:

  • Names of organization (once approved) so that SBA can add the group to necessary financial documents in preparation for future allocations and create a listing on the student organization pages
  • A description of the organization (statement of purpose may be used) for placement on the student organizations portion of the web page
  • A listing of elected officers for the same purpose

Please NOTE: Student organizations are not official components of the University and are not permitted to use the name 'University of Connecticut' as part of their organization's name. Advertisements, newsletters, and promotional materials cannot contain the University Logo.

Advisors are required for all student organizations. Advisors must be either full-time teaching or emeritus faculty, or professional staff at the University of Connecticut. The primary function of the advisor is to serve as a resource person for the organization. Advisors have several broad functions:

  • Serve as a source of continuity to the organization as members graduate
  • Serve as a liaison between the university and the organization when/if appropriate
  • To advise the organization regarding program/event content and purpose.

The role of Advisor may vary from organization to organization based on the organization's needs and goals. The advisor should never be considered just a signature in order to receive recognition. Each year, the student leadership of the organization and the advisor should meet to determine the role and expectations of the advisor and the advisor's expectations of the students.

The following is the University policy as published in Article XVI, General Policies and Practices, Section J, from the University of Connecticut Laws and Bylaws.

  1. "The University recognizes the right of any group of students to form a voluntary organization for any purpose not forbidden by law. If an organization composed chiefly or exclusively of students desires to hold meetings in University buildings, it is required to have an advisor who is a member of the professional staff of the University, and to file with the assistant dean for finance and administration such information as may be required about its purposes, officers, memberships, dues and the like, such information to be uniform for all organizations. An organization which has fulfilled these requirements is called a registered organization . . . [The University as such assumes no responsibility for registered organizations or their programs, though such organizations, if closely connected with the activities of departments of instruction, may in some cases receive special help and supervision from those departments]."
  2. "So far as its facilities permit, the University will provide each registered organization with suitable meeting places without charge, and will endeavor to encourage and protect complete freedom of expression within the law in meetings of such organizations. The responsibility for any views expressed in such meetings is solely that of the individuals concerned; and the University is not to be held to approve or disapprove such views, whatever their nature, but to be concerned exclusively with the discharge of its educational obligation to facilitate free expression of all points of view, to the extent guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Connecticut. The University does not pass upon the qualifications of speakers whom registered organizations invite to address them, nor, except as to the availability of space, on the number or size of meetings which may be held."
  3. "The name of the University shall not be used by any group not duly authorized as a part of the University, nor by any individual without the approval of the President. Registered organizations are considered to be 'not duly organized as a part of the University.' In authorizing or denying the use of the name of the University, the President will in general be guided by the need of making clear to the public the nature of the relation of the organization in question to the University."

Organizational Responsibility

Student organizations are required to abide by federal, state, and local laws. Additionally, students and student organizations are responsible for adhering to all of the applicable terms and conditions of this document, the SBA By-Laws, and any other applicable University policy. Violation of applicable laws and policies by any student organization may subject that organization to disciplinary action.