Welcome from Dean Timothy S. Fisher

Welcome from Dean Timothy S. Fisher

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the UConn School of Law. You will find a community of shared success and collegiality, where the people around you want you to engage and succeed in gaining a comprehensive understanding of U.S. law and legal systems.

This is a time of excitement at UConn. We have a world-class faculty, are part of a strong University in a state that values and supports education, and are connected to a broad alumni base. The UConn School of Law is part of a great research University, which offers an incredible wealth of resources and opportunities for the students enrolled in all of its schools.

Each year we look forward to welcoming international students into our community which broadens the depth of our intellectual dialogue and allows us to share the unique advantages of a UConn School of Law education with internationally trained lawyers.  Several aspects of the UConn School of Law will provide you with special advantages as you enter the work world in the years ahead. First is always the quality of our legal education, with at its core, a firm grasp of the analytical methods that distinguish a lawyer from other approaches to problem solving. This is possible both because of the quality of the teaching you will experience here, and an unusually low student-faculty ratio, which together assure you of the opportunity for one-on-one learning and relationships with many of the country’s leading scholars.

Second, as you adjust to a new law school amidst a new cultural setting, you will find that law school and living in Connecticut will offer you both new educational and social challenges.  Our International Programs Department and our entire community are here to offer you the support needed for your ongoing legal success.  Not only are the subjects that we teach and the style of teaching different from what you have experienced to date, but the responsibilities you will assume in guiding your own learning process will be new. Our community is here to minimize the unnecessary pressures that can otherwise sap your energies so that as international students you can enjoy success on our campus and in your future legal endeavors.

Finally, resources such as this guide will be provided to you throughout the year, to provide you with additional tools for success both in your daily lives and at the Law School.  Choosing to study in a different country is an opportunity to broaden the depth of your legal experience and we commend and welcome you as you explore our campus and the wider community.

Dean Timothy S. Fisher