Judicial Clerkship Guide: Clerkship Advising Overview

Judicial Clerkship Guide: Clerkship Advising Overview

This section of the Clerkship Manual provides an overview of the Law School’s Clerkship Advising Program. To download a full copy of the Clerkship Manual, click here.

I. Overview

A clerkship can be an invaluable professional experience for recent law graduates, and the faculty at UConn School of Law and the Career Planning Center are committed to assisting you throughout the application process. Toward that goal, we have established the Clerkship Advising Program, which consists of a series of public events on clerkships, written and online materials, and individual advising.

To participate in the Clerkship Advising Program, students should fill out the Clerkship Registration Form and set up an initial meeting with Michele Hoff (michele.hoff@law.uconn.edu) in Career Planning. For students pursuing federal clerkships, we ask that you submit the form and have this meeting before Friday, December 6, 2013. For students pursuing state clerkships, the deadline is Friday, February 28, 2014. Each student will be paired with a faculty advisor and will meet with that faculty advisor at least once during the application process. Students are also welcome to contact Professor Molly Land (molly.land@law.uconn.edu), Chair of the Clerkship Committee, with any questions. Students participating in the Program will be eligible to apply for reimbursement of expenses they incur during the application process.

The timing for applying for clerkships has changed in recent years. This year, some federal judges, especially those in the most competitive jurisdictions, already began interviewing and hiring their clerks for the 2015-2016 term in the fall semester of 2013. We recommend that students check OSCAR for information about each judge’s hiring preferences and apply as soon as a vacancy is posted. The Connecticut Supreme Court will begin considering applications as soon as 2L spring grades are available. Students should have their application materials ready to be sent in late May. State court appellate and trial level clerkship applications (both in Connecticut and elsewhere) tend to be later than the federal courts or state supreme courts. Typically, students will apply to state appellate and trial court clerkships in late summer / early fall of their 3L year.