Housing in Hartford

Housing in Hartford

UConn School of Law provides students with the opportunity to live in a variety of neighborhoods and settings.

Choose Your Environment

  • The west-end of Hartford offers a number of houses and apartments that are occupied by law students.
  • The city of Hartford provides many opportunities for housing in a variety of neighborhoods. Living in Hartford is a great place to live not only for proximity to the Law School but also if you are juggling classes and an externship with the judiciary.
  • For students who want to live in a suburban setting, West Hartford, Newington and Bloomfield are all within a short drive of campus.
  • Students participating in a dual degree with UConn might choose to live east of the Connecticut River in East Hartford, Manchester or Vernon.

Find the Perfect Place
The Law School created a Google Group for the purpose of advertising available housing in the area. It also functions as a means to assist those looking for apartment rentals, condo sales, and roommates.

This site is offered to current students who are looking to fill vacant roommate spots and to others with available housing opportunities. Please use this site to post any current and future available housing options. One must join the Group in order to post.

Once the property has been rented or the vacancy filled it is poster's responsibility to remove it from the message board. The Law School is not responsible for old or outdated postings. In addition, the Law School does not visit apartments or vouch for landlords. Please use care and diligence when selecting an apartment.

Other housing websites:

We also encourage you to use the UConn School of Law Classes of 2021 and 2022 Facebook page created by the admissions office.