Prepare Your Computer for Exam Software

Prepare Your Computer for Exam Software

Exam4 is the software program that students must use when taking an exam using their laptop computer. New versions of the software must be installed each semester and can be downloaded from Extegrity's website.

Exam4 Supported Operating Systems

PC:  Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Mac: 10.9.5 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.12 (Sierra), and 10.13 (High Sierra)

If your computer does not have one of these operating systems, laptops may be reserved in advance for exam use by sending an email to

Installation and Validation Instructions

Please note that these instructions are only valid for exams taken in the Spring 2018 term.

A. Students should start by downloading the Exam4 software from the Extegrity's website.

Step 1:  Click on "Law Schools" in the left hand menu.

Step 2.  Select "C" from the alphabetical listing, or scroll down to "Connecticut" to select "University of Connecticut School of Law".

Step 3:  Select University of Connecticut School of Law and complete the registration form.

Step 4:  You may be required to acknowledge and accept terms and conditions before downloading.  If so, check the box to proceed.

Step 5:  Click on the download link to obtain the program.

Step 6:  Double-click on the downloaded file to install Exam4.  Follow the prompts to install the program.

B. After downloading and installing the Exam4 software, students will need to validate the software product.  The validation process includes taking a Practice Exam.

C. Take a Practice Exam (required):

Make sure that your laptop is connected to the secure wireless network (UCONN-SECURE) or the wired network at the Law School.
NOTE: Exam4 submissions will not work when connected to the unsecure wireless network (UCONN-GUEST) or off-campus.

Open the Exam4 program.

Screen 1: Select "Prepare to start new exam" and click Next.

Screen 2: Enter the information below and click Next.

Exam ID: Enter your NetID

Security Code: Enter the number 2018

Course: Select "S18 Practice Exam" from both lists

Screen 3: You can set some preferences (font size, alerts, etc) or leave the defaults and click Next.

Screen 4: After reading the instructions, put a check on "Got it? Check here" and click Next

Screen 5: Select one exam mode and type your selection into the Exam Mode field.

-CLOSED: For closed-computer exams.  No access to other computer data.

(You must select CLOSED mode for at least one Practice Exam to confirm that the program runs on your computer)

-OPEN: For open-computer exams with access to computer data.

-Add NETWORK: For open-computer exams with internet/network access.

Put a check on "Confirm the exam mode" and click Next.

Screen 6: Confirm that all the information is correct and click on "Begin Exam".

The first time that you run Exam4, it will perform a Security Check. Your screen will go blank for a few seconds. At the end of the check, you will see the exam window.

You may type anything you want into the Practice Exam. There are no questions to answer in the Practice Exam. Your work will be saved automatically every 60 seconds. You may also use the "Save" option on the toolbar.

When you have finished using the Practice Exam, you may exit by clicking on the "End Exam" option. In the End Exam window, put a check in "Confirm" and click on the "OK, end exam" button.

D. Submitting the Practice Exam

In the "Save Options" window, click on "Submit Electronically". If the process fails, it is possible that your system is not connected to the school network. Please refer to step a. (above), check your connection and try it again.

To close Exam4, go to "File and Save Options", select "Exit" and confirm that you wish to close the program.