Third Year

Third Year


  • Meet with CPC staff to update your career development plan.
  • Attend judicial clerkship program(s).
  • Conduct a degree audit with the Registrar’s office.
  • Pre-register for spring courses.
  • Full-time students should sign up, register and take the MPRE, if practicing outside of Connecticut. Full-time students should review commencement information and complete requirements for a Diploma.


  • Full-time students should complete bar application and register for bar exam preparatory course. Familiarize yourself with the deadlines and requirements.
  • Full-time students should schedule an appointment with the Student Finance Office to review loan history.
  • Full-time students should complete mandatory financial aid exit counseling.
  • Full-time students should complete all bar application forms. Full-time students attend commencement.
  • Part-time students attend the CPC’s legal market update.
  • Part-time students should apply for financial aid, including the institutional application and FAFSA.
  • Part-time students should pre-register for summer courses.


  • Accept financial aid award letter.
  • Apply for graduation.
  • Once spring grades are posted, review your spring final exams and review with faculty members if available.
  • Be aware of, and meet, all application deadlines for fall recruiting programs, federal government honors programs and fellowships.
  • Complete and submit all summer externship requirements and evaluations.