Office Supplies

Office Supplies

NOTE: Staff in the library should contact Glenn Quinlan with supply order requests.

Supply Storeroom in William F. Starr Hall

The Law School's office supply storeroom is located on the first floor of William F. Starr Hall. It is staffed by a student during the hours listed below. For information on supply orders when the storeroom is not staffed, please contact Eric Rosario in the Law School's Business Office at 860-570-5140.

Fall 2013 Hours: Tuesday (11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.) and Friday (11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) • 860-570-5093

Ordering Supplies Not Available in the Storeroom

The contracted University vendor is OfficeMax. Faculty and staff can access the OfficeMax punch-out catalog (with University pricing) in the 'Shop Catalogs' section of Kuali. (left column, under Purchasing/Accounts Payable) Once in the OfficeMax punchout site, click on 'browse catalog' to find contracted items.

Fill out a Law School requisition form and forward it to the Law School's Business Office. Once the requisition is placed, the item(s) will take approximately 2-5 business days to arrive. A student worker will call the faculty or staff member for pick up when the item arrives. Only bulk orders will be delivered to offices; all orders must be picked up at the Starr Hall storeroom.

There is a link to a 20-minute OfficeMax training video on the Purchasing Department website. Note: At the end of the video there will be comments about how to process a requisition which most faculty and staff won't have access to in Kauli. The 'Browse Catalog' option is the only link that should be used to browse and select items.