Course Proposal Request Form

The information collected on this form will be used by the Educational Policy Committee to review course proposal requests.  It will also be used in posted course information and to develop a more comprehensive law catalog.  Please do not submit a new course proposal before consulting with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Notice:  Users who take an extended amount of time to complete this form may experience a timeout.  To prevent loss of answers, please retain a copy of your entry for each field in another document.

Faculty Member Information
Course Information
Course titles may be adjusted to conform with catalog norms and for length.
Instructional Mode & Grading
Requisites & Restrictions
Please list any courses that must be satisfactorily completed in advance of enrollment in this course.
Please list any courses that must either be taken concurrently with, or must have already been satisfactorily completed in advance of, enrollment in this course.
Please list any courses that are not required, but may be helpful if taken in advance of enrollment in this course.
Please list any courses that if previously completed would restrict enrollment in this course.
Please list other courses that may deal with issues or themes similar to those covered in the proposed course. Please indicate whether you have contacted the instructor(s) of the other course(s) to discuss the possible overlap. If the proposed course overlaps with one that appears not to have been taught in years, please bring the moribund course to the attention of the Associate Dean for possible removal from the course listing.
Course Type & Enrollment
Please indicate here the exact limit on the number of students if "Limited Enrollment" was selected.
Course Level & Application to Degree Requirements
Please indicate for which degree requirements, if any, this course should be considered.
Please indicate in which certificate programs, if any, this course should be considered for inclusion.
Subject (select all that apply)
Syllabus, Representative Readings & Rationale
Please include here or email a copy of your syllabus (understanding that it may still be in draft form) to the Registrar at .
Please indicate course materials under consideration for this course. For lectures courses, please include titles of the case book(s). For seminars, please include the nature and type of readings, along with citations to a few examples.