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Early Action Program
Is UConn Law Your First Choice?

If UConn School of Law is your first choice, you should take advantage of our Early Action Program.

Early Action candidates will receive an admission decision within 14 days of completing the application file.

If admitted early, you will:

  • Receive a guaranteed merit scholarship. The amount of the merit scholarship will vary.
  • Have the ability to plan early for the start of school by securing housing and completing all law school matriculation requirements.
  • Save money on law school applications and deposits.
How Does the Early Action Program Work?

The Early Action Program allows applicants who are confident that they will enroll at UConn Law, if admitted, to secure their seats in the class. The Early Action Program follows all JD admissions requirements but allows candidates to receive a decision earlier in the admissions cycle.

The Early Action Program is a binding admissions program. Please pay careful attention to the requirements to ensure the Early Action Program is right for you:

  • Early Action applicants will be notified of the decision within 14 days after the application for admission is complete.
  • Candidates admitted through the Early Action Program are guaranteed a merit scholarship. Although merit scholarships will be awarded at the time of admission, a full financial aid package will not be available until later in the admissions cycle. Should you need to review a full financial aid package (scholarships and loans) prior to making a final decision, please think carefully about whether the Early Action Program is right for you.
  • The program is a binding program which means:
    • An Early Action applicant must enroll in UConn School of Law if accepted;
    • Early Action applicants may apply to other law schools, however, once admitted through this program, the applicant must immediately withdraw all other law school applications and cannot apply to additional law schools;
    • Early Action applicants admitted to the program must decline acceptance to all other law schools.
  • Early Action applicants cannot defer admission.
  • If admitted to the Early Action Program, you must submit a non-refundable deposit of a $500 within 14 days of admission.
  • Candidates who are wait-listed through the Early Action program are not bound to attend UConn School of Law if admitted thereafter.
  • Candidates who are denied admission through this Program cannot re-apply through our regular admissions process.

All Early Action applicants must submit a signed Early Action Program Agreement with their UConn School of Law application through LSAC.

The Early Application Program deadline is January 1, 2018.

Contact Us

For more information please contact the Admissions Office.

What is the Early Action Program?

The Early Action Program is a binding early decision program. Applicants to this program receive a decision within fourteen (14) days of their file completing.

How Does the Early Action Program Work?

If you decide to apply Early Action, your file will be guaranteed a decision within two weeks of completion. If you are admitted, you must withdraw all other law school applications. A non-refundable deposit will be due within fourteen days of admission.

Is it easier to get admitted through the Early Action Program?

The same admissions standards are used in both the Early Action and the regular admissions process. Early Action candidates could be admitted, denied or waitlisted.

Are scholarships available to Early Action applicants?

Yes, all admitted Early Action applicants will receive a merit scholarship. The amounts for the scholarship will vary.

If I’m denied through Early Action, may I apply through the regular admission process?

No, applicants are permitted one application per year.

If I’m waitlisted through Early Action, am I still bound to the Early Action agreement?

No, if you are waitlisted, you are no longer bound to the Early Action agreement if admitted thereafter.

Can I take the February LSAT if I’m applying Early Action?

Yes but your application must be submitted by the deadline, January 1, 2018.

If I apply Early Action and change my mind can I withdraw it before a decision is made?

Yes, you may send the Admissions Office an email requesting that your application be withdrawn from the Early Action Program and placed in the regular admissions pool.