LAW7925 - Race, Gender and Sexualities in the Law

LAW7925 - Race, Gender and Sexualities in the Law

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In this seminar, we will read some of the leading sources in critical race theory, feminist theory, and critical perspectives on masculinities and sexualities. Each week, we will write about, discuss and thoughtfully critique one or more articles or book chapters that critically address the ways that race, gender and sexualities shape and are shaped by the legal rules and practices. Discussion will aim toward a richer understanding of the legal meaning of these identities and inequalities. Topics may include intersectionality, legal accommodation of cultural norms, feminism, masculinities, prison sexualities, queer and transgender identities in the law, pro-LGBT critiques of marriage equality, interracial relationships and family formation, and the intersections of face and class in reproduction and family law. Evaluation will be based on reaction papers, class participation, and leadership of class discussion.