LAW7621 - Clinic: Mediation

LAW7621 - Clinic: Mediation

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This is a one-semester, five-credit clinic in which students mediate employment discrimination cases under faculty supervision. Cases are selected from among those pending before the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO), the state agency to which most employment discrimination claims arising in Connecticut must be brought as a prerequisite to filing suit in state or federal court. The first half of the semester is devoted to intensive training in the theory, techniques and ethics of mediation. The training is highly interactive and experiential, culminating in two full-dress mock mediations in which students participate- once as a disputant and once as a mediator - before conducting any actual mediations. During this training portion of the curriculum, classes meet on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Thereafter, classes meet on Friday mornings only and are devoted to continued training as well as "case rounds" in which students discuss issues and events of interest arising in their mediations. Students who have taken or are currently taking Employment Discrimination or Topics in Employment Discrimination, or have taken Employment Law will be given enrollment priority.