Scholarship: Peter Siegelman

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  • Sachin S. Pandya and Peter Siegelman
    Underclaiming and Overclaiming
    38 L. & Soc. Inquiry 836 (2013)
  • Leslie Levin, Christine Zozula & Peter Siegelman (with Christine Zozula)
    A Study of the Relationship Between Bar Admissions Data and Subsequent Lawyer Discipline
    ___ L. & Soc. Inq. ___
  • Peter Siegelman (with Gideon Parchomovsky)
    Cities, Property and Positive Externalities
    54 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 211
  • Peter Siegelman (with Tsvetanka Karagyozova)
    Can Propitious Selection Prevent Unraveling in Insurance Markets?
    35 J. Ins. Issues 121
  • Peter Siegelman
    You DO Have to Keep Your Promises
    52 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 1181
  • Peter Siegelman (with Tom Baker)
    Tontines for the Invincibles: Enticing Low Risks Into the Health-Insurance Pool With an Idea from Insurance History and Behavioral Economics
    2010 Wis. L. Rev. 79
  • Peter Siegelman (with Steve Thel)
    Testing for Adverse Selection in Insurance Markets
    77 J. Risk & Ins. 39
  • Peter Siegelman with Steve Thel
    Willfulness v. Expectation: A Defense of Willful Breach Doctrine, in
    Fault in American Contract Law
  • Peter Siegelman, Gideon Parchomovsky
    Bribes vs. Bombs: A Study in Coasean Warfare
    29:3 Int'l Rev. L. & Econ. 179
    (September 2009)
  • Anne C. Dailey, Peter Siegelman
    Book Review: Predictions & Nudges: What Behavioral Economics Has to Offer the Humanities, and Vice Versa
    21 Yale J.L. & Human. 341
    (Review of Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational (HarperCollins, 2008) and Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler, Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness (Yale University Press, 2008))
  • Steve Thel, Peter Siegelman
    Willfulness Versus Expectation: A Promisor-Based Defense of Willful Breach Doctrine
    107 Mich. L. Rev. 1517
    ( 2009 )
  • Peter Siegelman
    Contributory Disparate Impacts in Employment Discrimination Law
    49 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 515
  • Peter Siegelman, Gideon Parchomovsky, Steve Thel
    Of Equal Wrongs and Half Rights
    82 N. Y. U. L. Rev. 738
  • Peter Siegelman, John Donohue
    The Evolution of Employment Discrimination Law in the 1990s: An Empirical Examination, in
    Handbook of Employment Discrimination Research: Rights and Realities
  • Peter Siegelman, Gideon Parchomovsky
    Selling Mayberry: Communities and Individuals in Law and Economics
    92 Cal. L. Rev. 75
  • Peter Siegelman
    Adverse Selection in Insurance Markets: An Exaggerated Threat
    113 Yale L.J. 1223
  • Peter Siegelman
    James Heckman as a Law and Society Scholar: An Outsider's Appreciation
    27 Law & Soc. Inquiry 11
  • Peter Siegelman, Gideon Parchomovsky
    Towards an Integrated Theory of Intellectual Property
    88 Va. L. Rev. 102
  • Peter Siegelman
    A New Old Look at Terrorism Insurance: Jack Hirschleifer's War Damage Insurance After Fifty Years
    9 Conn. Ins. L.J. 19
    (Essay on Jack Hirshleifer, War Damages Insurance, 35 Review of Economics and Statistics 144 (1953))
  • Peter Siegelman, Joel Waldfogel
    Race and Radio, in
    Preference Externalities, Minority Ownership, and the Underprovision of Programming to Black and Hispanic Listeners
    Advertising and Differentiated Products
  • Peter Siegelman
    Racial Discrimination in 'Everyday' Commercial Transactions
    What Do We Know, What Do We Need to Know, and How Can We Find Out?
    A National Report Card on Discrimination in America: The Role of Testing
  • Peter Siegelman, James Heckman
    The Urban Institute Audit Studies: Their Methods and Findings
    Clear and Convincing Evidence: Measurement of Discrimination in America