Scholarship: John Day
  • John Day
    Rush v. Moran: Some observations about ERISA and the U.S. Health Care System, Analysis and Perspective
    11 Health L. Rpt. 747
    (Bureau of National Affairs, 2002)
    Health L. Rpt.
  • John Day
    Children and Health Care in the United States, Ch. 1
    Child and Family Health Care : Issues for the Year 2000 and Beyond
    (Sage, 1999)
  • John Day
    Book Review: Havighurst, Blumstein & Brennan, Health Care Law and Policy, Readings, notes and Questions
    (University Case book Series)
    Duke Law Journal
    (2d ed. 1997)
    Duke L.J.
    reviewing Clark C. Havighurst, James F. Blumstein and Troyen A. Brennan, Health Care Law and Health Policy (1988)
  • John Day
    Managed Care and the Medical Profession
    Old Issues and Old Tensions--The Building Blocks of Tomorrow’s Health Care Delivery and Financing System
    3 Conn. Ins. L.J. 1
  • John Day
    The Political Viability of Health Care Federalism
    28 Conn. L. Rev. 151
  • John Day
    Changing Attitudes About Insurance Regulation
    The Forum, vol. XIV, no. 4
  • John Day
    Competition in the Property and Casualty Industry: An Evaluation of Alternative Methods of Rate Regulation
    (Va. State. Corp. Comm., 1978)
  • John Day
    Medical Malpractice in Virginia: The Scope and Severity of the Problem and Alternative Solutions
    Virginia State Corporation Commission
    (Va. State Corp. Comm., 1976)
  • John Day
    Economic Regulation of Insurance
    (U.S. Gov't Printing Office, 1970)
  • John Day
    Book Review
    1 Transportation L. J. 185
    (Review of Whyte, The Last Landscape (Doubleday, New York, 1968))
  • John Day
    International Air and Maritime Commercial Contracts, Ch. XXXVI
    Williston on Contracts
    Williston on Contracts
    (3rd ed. 1968)
  • John Day
    Maritime Wrongful Death and Survival Recovery: The Need for Legislative Reform
    64 Colum. L. Rev. 648