Scholarship: Darcy Kirk
  • Darcy Kirk
    The Law School Librarian: Filling in the Gaps, in
    The Law School Librarian’s Role as an Educator: Leading Librarians on Adapting to New Technologies, Maximizing Research, and Helping Students Transition from Law School to Law Firm
    (Aspatore, 2008)
  • Darcy Kirk
    One Librarian at a Time
    Law Librarians in the New Millennium, vol. 8, no. 2, p. 3
    (March/April 2005)
  • Darcy Kirk
    Reeling in First Year Law Students - Hook, Line and Sinker!
    38 Law Libr. Lights 1
    (May/June 1995)
  • Darcy Kirk, Mary Alice Baish
    Barriers to Broad Public Access of Court Opinions: Creative Consortial Projects of Law Librarians to Democratize Access Through the Internet
    Collection Management, vol. 23, no. 3, p. 105
    (Co-published simultaneously in Government Information Collections in the Networked Environment: New Issues and Models, Joan F. Cheverie, ed, Haworth Press, 1998, p. 105-118)
  • Darcy Kirk, Barbara Rainwater
    The Research Assistant Pool in the Law Library
    6 Trends L. Libr. Mgmt. Techn. 4
    (October 1994)
  • Darcy Kirk
    Why is There a 'Glass Ceiling' in Law Librarianship
    37 Law Libr. Lights 1
    (March/April 1994)