A collage of various law books.
Representative Recent Works

Bethany R. Berger (with Joseph William Singer, Nestor Davidson & Eduardo Peñalver), Property Law: Rules, Policies and Practices (Aspen 6th Ed. 2014)

Sara C. Bronin (with Dwight H. Merriam), Rathkopf’s The Law of Zoning and Planning (Thompson Reuters, 2014 & ongoing)

Richard S. Kay, The Glorious Revolution and the Continuity of Law (The Catholic University of America Press 2014)

Molly Land (co-editor with Peter K. Yu), Developing Human Rights Approaches to Intellectual Property  (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2015)

Richard D. Pomp, Modernizing the State Corporate Income Tax: Market Based Apportionment for Content Providers (Motion Picture Association of America 2015)

Peter Siegelman, Elgar Research Handbook on the Law and Economics of Insurance (co-editor, with Daniel Schwarcz) (forthcoming 2015)

Carol Weisbrod, Kites and the Sabbath: Legal Transplants and Pluralism in Hawai’i (Vanderplas, 2014)

Book Chapter

Lewis Kurlantzick, "The Problematic Character of the Case for Regulation of Steroids," in Steroids and Doping in Sports (David E. Newton ed., ABC-CLIO Publishers 2014)


Jill Anderson, “Misreading Like A Lawyer: Cognitive Bias In Statutory Interpretation,” 127 Harvard Law Review 1521 (2014) 

Dalié Jiménez, “Dirty Debts Sold Dirt Cheap,” 52 Harvard Journal on Legislation (forthcoming, 2015)

Brendan S. Maher, “Regulating Employment-Based Anything,” 99 Minnesota Law Review (forthcoming 2015) (selected for the 2014 Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum)

Jeremy McClane, “The Agency Costs of Teamwork,” 101 Cornell Law Review (forthcoming 2015)

Julia Ann Simon-Kerr and Anthony J. Casey,A Simple Theory of Complex Valuation” 113 Michigan Law Review (forthcoming 2015)

Julia Ann Simon-Kerr,Systemic Lying,” 56 William & Mary Law Review (forthcoming 2015) (selected for the 2014 Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum)

Douglas M. Spencer and Christopher S. Elmendorf, “Administering Section 2 of the VRA After Shelby County,” 115 Columbia Law Review (forthcoming 2015)