Detlef Leenen

Detlef Leenen is professor of law at the Free University of Berlin. He earned his Ph.D. in law (Dr. jur., s.c.l.) and his habilitation degree in law (Dr. jur. habil.) at Munich University. He was appointed to the chair for Private Law, Commercial Law, and Jurisprudence at the Free University in 1982. Professor Leenen has served as dean and associate dean of the law faculty there. His teaching and research focuses on Contract Law, Sales Law and Law of Obligations in general as well as on Theory of Law, including methods of statutory interpretation in Civil Code systems. His textbook on the General Part of the German Civil Code ("BGB Allgemeiner Teil: Rechtsgeschäftslehre") was published in May 2011. Professor Leenen has taught at the University of Miami School of Law and at Tulane University School of Law. He was a member of the Tulane Summer School faculty in Berlin 1990-1995. Since the late 1980's, Professor Leenen has been a frequent visitor at UConn Law. Professor Leenen is a board member of the German-American Lawyers' Association.