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Martin-Flynn Global Law Faculty

The Martin-Flynn Global Law Faculty enriches the intellectual life of the UConn Law community through regular visits of internationally prominent scholars. These leading scholars (listed below by order of initial visit) hold the title of Martin-Flynn Global Law Professor for a period of three years while retaining their primary appointments at their home institutions. The program is generously supported by the Martin-Flynn International Endowment at UConn School of Law.

Ulrich Haltern (visited Spring 2015)
University of Freiburg, Germany
Professor, Chair of German and Foreign Public Law, EU Law, Public International Law and Comparative Law; Director, Institute of Public Law, Section I (EU Law and Public International Law). Read about Professor Haltern's visit »

Adam Hofri-Winogradow (visited Fall 2015)
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Senior Lecturer, with specialization in estate planning, trusts and estates, topics in tax and family law, as well as legal history and comparative law.

Wang Jun (visited Spring 2016)
University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China
Professor (and former Dean of the UIBE School of Law), with expertise in contracts, torts, international economic law and comparative law.

Photo of Humberto DallaHumberto Dalla (visited Spring 2018)
State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Professor (and also Assistant State’s Attorney), with specialization in civil and criminal procedure, constitutional procedure, class actions, small claims courts, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, arbitration, negotiation and mediation.

Tanja Bender (visited Fall 2016)
University of Leiden, Netherlands
Professor (and Tax Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers), with specialization in Dutch corporate law, international tax, cross-border tax and tax treaties.

Nigel Gravells (visited Spring 2017)
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Professor of English Law; Adjunct Professor, University of Canterbury, New Zealand; Deputy Regional Judge, First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber). A graduate of Trinity College, Oxford, Professor Gravells' research interests focus on property law, landlord and tenant law, copyright law and the constitutional law of the European Union, including issues related to Brexit.

Nkolika Ijeoma Aniekwu (visited Spring 2018)
University of Benin, Nigeria
Nigeria Professor of Health Law, Department of Public Law Professor. Aniekwu has been a visiting professor at institutions in Europe, South Africa, the UK and the United States. Her research focuses on women’s issues, health law, and connections between societal perceptions, expectations and definitions of gender and masculinities and the feminization of HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa.