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The awards, accomplishments, speaking engagements and news of the distinguished faculty at UConn School of Law: 

Four Appointments to Professorships Announced
Oct 5, 2015 -

The University of Connecticut Board of Trustees has appoined Professor Alexandra Lahav to the Ellen Ash Peters endowed professorship and Professor Peter Siegelman to the Phillip I. Blumberg endowed professorship. In addition, Dean Timothy Fisher has named Professor Leslie Levin as the Joel Barlow Professor of Law and Professor James Stark as the Roger Sherman Professor of Law. Read more.

Richard Pomp, Bethany Berger Speak at National Conference of State Tax Judges
Oct 4, 2015 -

Professors Bethany Berger and Richard Pomp spoke on a faculty panel at the 35th Annual Meeting of the National Conference of State Tax Judges, held Oct. 1-3, 2015 in Cambridge, Mass. The conference meets annually to review recent state tax decisions, providing an opportunity for judges to hear and question academic experts in law, valuation, finance, and economics, and to exchange views on current legal issues facing tax courts in different states. 

Molly Land Named Associate Director of Human Rights Institute
Professor Molly Land
Oct 2, 2015 -

Professor Molly Land was named associate director of the Human Rights Institute on the main campus in Storrs, where she has been teaching under a joint appointment. As associate director, she supports the director and other program administrators in their planning, personnel, reporting and curricular activities; acts as lead liaison for the Stamford-based Lieberman Lecture and Conference Series; coordinates other Storrs-based event programming; and assists with grant proposals and fundraising. Read more.

Hillary Greene Shares NSF Grant
Professor Hillary Green
Sep 29, 2015 -

Professor Hillary Greene was named co-principal investigator on a $493,628 grant awarded in August by the National Science Foundation with Lee Fleming, a professor of engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. Their project, The Reach of the Visible Hand: Government Acknowledgments in U.S. Patents and Technological Change, 1975-2015, will trace, measure, and analyze the direct and indirect influence of federal funding on innovation in various industrial sectors. Read more.

Bethany Berger Speaks at Wesleyan
Sep 18, 2015 -

Professor Bethany Berger delivered the annual Constitution Day Lecture at Wesleyan University in Middletown on Sept. 17, 2015. Her topic was Birthright Citizenship on Trial — Immigration and Indigeneity.

James Stark to Speak at Mediation Workshop
Sep 15, 2015 -

Professor James H. Stark will speak at a workshop on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, with Professor Douglas N. Frenkel of the University of Pennsylvania Law School about Improving Lawyers' Judgment: Is Mediation Training De-Biasing? The discussion, part of the Quinnipiac-Yale Dispute Resolution Workshop lecture series, will be followed by a question-and-answer session. It will be held in the Quinnipiac University School of Law  library at 370 Bassett Road in North Haven between noon and 1:30 p.m.

Richard Pomp to Speak at Fall State Tax Workshop
Sep 11, 2015 -

Professor Richard Pomp will speak at the Fall State Tax Workshop in Long Branch, N.J., on Sept. 18, 2015, joining a panel on Worldwide Unitary Filing – New Threat of Old Methods.

Alexandra Lahav to Speak to Judiciary Subcommittee
Sep 8, 2015 -

Professor Alexandra Lahav will speak at an invitation-only mini-conference on Sept. 11, 2015, with the Subcommittee on Rule 23 of the Committee on the Rules of Civil Procedure, which is part of the Judiciary Committee that writes the civil rules.  

Jon Bauer Helps Draft Resolution and Report Adopted by the ABA
Aug 28, 2015 -

Professor Jon Bauer helped draft a resolution and report that was adopted by the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates at the ABA annual meeting in Chicago. The report "[u]rges state and territorial bar licensing entities to eliminate any questions that ask about mental health history, diagnoses or treatment when determining character and fitness for the purpose of bar admission. The questions should focus instead on conduct or behavior that impairs an applicant’s ability to practice law in a competent, ethical and professional manner." 

Jessica Rubin Speaks at Press Conference
Aug 18, 2015 -

Professor Jessica Rubin spoke at a press conference on Aug. 17, 2015, with Sen. Richard Blumenthal, announcing his introduction of the Prevent Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, which would make it a federal crime to practice a form of animal abuse known as “crushing.”