Ziwei Zhang, LLM Candidate

The United States and China are driving globalization, Ziwei Zhang said, and that’s why international law is where he wants to be.

As a first-year law student in China, he took many courses in international law, but when it came to U.S. law, he was looking for a more authentic experience. He found it at UConn School of Law, where he chose the U.S. Legal Studies program to earn a Master of Laws (LLM) degree and learn about the American legal system. 

Ziwei ZhangAfter completing two years of his Juris Master, which is similar to the U.S. Juris Doctor (JD), at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, he spent a year completing the LLM program at UConn School of Law.

Even before leaving the United States, Zhang received an offer to work for a professor at the University of International Business and Economics. He was recently hired as an attorney in the international business department of Cyan Law, a boutique firm in Beijing, where he works with attorney Wei Shi, also a UConn alumnus.

As Zhang began exploring opportunities in the United States, UConn School of Law did not seem so far away. He discovered it was a partner school with the University of International Business and Economics and that several students had earned LLM degrees there. Those graduates became an important source of information about the United States and UConn Law.

At UConn, Zhang focused on constitutional law to better understand the American legal system. “There are countless constitutional law cases, and the Constitution stretches its influence to every corner of people’s lives,” he said.

Zhang said he was very pleased with his experience in the United States and at UConn School of Law. People were friendly, outgoing and always willing to help, he said, and he also appreciated the knowledgeable and thoughtful professors and the great infrastructure.

As an international student, he was also happy about the equal opportunity he found in the LLM program. “UConn does a great job on providing almost the same or even better attention for international students,” he said. “The international and diverse community gave me a perfect experience for both life and study.”